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No Crystal Stair A Documentary Novel of the Life and Work of Lewis Michaux Harlem Bookseller

“Knowledge is power-you need it every hour. Read a book.” Lewis Michaux opened up a bookstore with 5 books and $100.00. He tried to get a bank to loan him money but was told to sell “fried chicken because Negros don’t read.” But Lewis knew better. He knew that if you filled people’s head with knowledge there was no limit to what they could accomplish. His book store sold only books written by African-American writers and it became the intellectual hub of Harlem. His store was visited by such great leaders as Malcolm X, Langston Hughes, and Mohammad Ali. No Crystal Stair is powerful story of the life of literacy forerunner Lewis Michaux. He gave wisdom and pride to so many during the turbulent Civil Rights era. This is a must-read for all!

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